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The whole soundboard

..fails inspection.

It's sound quality and design has been judged poor. Do better or die citizen.


Alex, privet.

that is an amazing effort. The characters are small, but the movement is flawless and true to form (looks and feels Russian).
The ambient sounds and scene make lost hours pass in blissful unawares. The attention to detail is phenominal. Again, the look and feel is perfectly grunge, and will make this a classic whether it stays 2D, or goes 3D at some stage. You've outdone yourself on this one, and you really deserve recognition for it. I don't normally say it but this is full-front-page material.

That said, i'm disappointed in fellow NGer who first rated this. When i saw it yesterday it's score was something like 3.7 - it was only by chance you scored daily feature (nothing to compete with). If this hadn't got daily feature i would of rioted in the streets! :)

Anyway, the score will rise and you'll be famous, and the evil world will keep spinning around the sun. We are priviledged on NG that we get to see such stuff exclusive for free.

Lastly, i'm working on 3D FPS code that's nearly ready for skinning and may kontakt u about it. Salute!

alexander-b responds:

Thanks man!! Good luck with the 3D!!

alpha moon

bug'd out on lvl 2 (couldn't save the guy at first, then when i went and landed on the pad it didn't lvl up, just sat there) Not sure you're after this kind of feedback, but we luv lander clones, and this'll be a good'n when it's finished..

sUpa SonIC

damn, i wish my daughter kud see that.
the effort you put into making is astounding and realistic to the original. Pat yourself on the back for making a mini-flash masterpiece!!

hard to remember the keys

but nice graphics. suppose you'll make the camera track the actor like another platform demo which is quite a smooth scroller.

Yeah, and i know whats ya mean by ego too!


Not bad

these no-brainers go well on the net koz half of us r sleepy an don' wanna learn stuff just to mellow off teh shit box called tv. Give it a few more goals and rewards, keepin' it simple, an shud be do ok..


as i remember, the C64 had good sound support..

this would rate a good solid point hi-er with those things fixed. C64 roxxorz! :)

UU-i-c-k-e-d !!

i luv the controller (despite the minor window probs which is a flaw with flash) very stylish and good scripting makes a wicked fun game.

(oops, i think i woke the neihours up ;)


..mOOver!! (can't really fault it ;)

9750 on 1st go "_" 12% headshots

Stolen x2

this was made way back early in 2000.
the original authors name (R Mayrell) has been removed (yet again!)


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